5 Fashion Rules to Break Over and Over Again

5 Fashion Rules to Break Over and Over Again


We are fed-up of abiding by the rules and adhering to fashion stereotypes. Fashion is presumed to be a tool for self-expression and this year, we have decided that we are no longer going to be held down by any rule. It is time to break free, to be dynamic and expressively combine different pieces to reflect our inner selves. Rules are for breaking. Let’s break some!

Always wear a matching belt with shoes and handbag: For the love of fashion, we are in 2018! Adhering to this rule will make you look outdated, like something out of a 90s movie. It’s ok to wear different colors of bags and shoes. It makes your outfit modern and interesting.

Never wear bold colors together: This year, we are saying goodbye to this rule. Pairing bold hues is daring and fun when perfectly combined. Combining red, pink and green and other fun colors will give you that eye-catchy color blocking ensemble.

Never wear gold and silverCountless fashion blogs and magazines have made us believe gold and silver accessories should not be worn together. This is one of the fashion rules we are so breaking this year. Pairing gold and silver is chic and now. Try combining your gold and silver bracelets and rings. You will definitely love the look.

You cannot wear glitzy fabrics such as sequins during the day: Wearing sequins is one way to look effortlessly chic during day. Try pairing dressy bottoms like sequin pants or beaded shirts with casual staples like a white shirt or a black blazer.

Do not wear socks and sandals: This rule has been tagged one of the biggest fashion rules ever made. But fashionistas all over the world have taken no heed to this rule and are breaking it on a daily. You can rock your socks and sandals with everything from jeans to swingy skirts. This is a very classic look.

Which of these rules is your personal favourite?