Invitation to Glocalisation and Branding Summit 2019 Lagos Edition

Invitation to Glocalisation and Branding Summit 2019 Lagos Edition


The 2nd edition of  THE 2019 GLOCALISATION AND BRANDING SUMMIT (GBSng19), is holding in Lagos, Nigeria on the 9th of August 2019.
GBSng19, a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of Vivacity PR, held its first edition at the NAF Conference Centre in Abuja, on Thursday 21st March 2019.
This was the first ever Glocalisation and Branding Summit in Nigeria and was designed to assist organisations with strategies on how to brand their business image for both global and local markets..
The summit was a huge success with speakers from private sector and government parastatals (NIPC, NIPOST, CAC, SA to the President on MSMEs and the SSA to the president on ICT) enlightening attendees on glocalisation and the efforts being made to ensure that Nigerian products compete at the same level as others in the global market.
Also discussed was the ICT perspective on how to make Nigeria a knowledge hub by promoting digital marketing, create and market products/services required in the digital space not just being consumers as well as change the negative narratives about our country.
The MSME clinics, which is an avenue used by the Office of Vice President of Nigeria to meet and interact with SMEs across the country, has pledged support structures for SMEs through the Glocalistion and Branding summit.
This 2nd edition of the summit aims to deepen knowledge and further discussions on glocalisation processes for all Nigerian MSMEs.
The essence of the Summit targets 1500 MSMEs, Intrapreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Multinational organisations with the aim of creating strong and sustainable business alliances across a number of key sectors. Aims of Glocalisation and Branding Lagos Edition

  • To assist in providing an enabling environment for Nigerian SMEs to flourish locally and internationally.
  • To assist in the reduction of the unemployment rate through entrepreneurship and job creation.
  • To create an avenue for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to interact with Federal Agencies and obtain practical and on-the-spot solutions to their business challenges. These solutions include on-the-spot business registrations, processing of approvals/licenses, advisory, capacity building and more.
  • To bring necessary required Government business development services to MSMEs within the country through the participating Federal Agencies of MSME Clinics.
  • To create a platform that encourages private sector interaction and co development, to assist MSME growth.

Registration for Summit Attendance is FREE!